Sample maps, turnpoint files and conversion programs for use with GPS_LOG WinCE

These files are provided "as is". Neither I nor providers take any responsibility for their accuracy.

You can find more samples and related files in the Download section of  Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club site, as well as in the Files section of GPS_LOG discussion group on Yahoo.

Navigation matrix

Tasks Conversion utilities Extra files (bitmaps...) Maps and waypoints
USA Europe Africa Australia and Asia

If it looks like GPS_LOG WinCE is missing some lines or letters in map or waypoint files and they look like standard ASCII text but maybe with some accented characters then put a comment line ;ASC at the very beginning of the file or use ANSItoUTF8 file converter supplied with GPS_LOG Win32 (PC version) to translate the troubling characters. You can also download following executables for PDA (no installer):
OS3 mips, OS3 sh3, OS3 arm, PocketPC2002, and 2003, Win Mobile 5 and above

Task list files:

Additional files:

Utility to modify track colors used by GPS_LOG:

   Track Colors  This link retrieves a Windows CE utility to modifiy the ^GPS_LG#^.TCL file defining lift indicator colors used by GPS_LOG WinCE.

Strepla task file conversion

Cambridge/Winpilot waypoint file conversion:

Following link retrieves an Excel spreadsheet that is an example of *.DAT to *.DTA format conversion. It contains waypoints in the Pyrenees.

Following link retrieves a Windows CE utility for operating system 3.0 and higher that does the *.DAT to *.DTA format conversion, and this link retrieves PC version. Put the PC version in the same folder as the GPS_LOG Win32 program. The default altitude selector unit seen in both versions refers to altitude values that have no unit indicator in the original DAT file.

AIR  (TimNewport-Peace format) file conversion and map generation:

Following link retrieves a program that runs on a PC  and converts *.AIR airspace format into *.MAP file. This is based on ConvAirMapW32 program code supplied by Andrea Ferrero.  This link retrieves Windows CE version of this utility for operating system 3.0 and higher.

Another set of utilities to translate *.dat to *.dta and *.map including examples of Pyrénées  Moissac  files. Courtesy of Jean-Paul Berry.

CUP (SeeYou) format waypoint and task file conversion:     Updated 19 Jan 2009

Following links retrieve a converter program that takes CUP format file and produces a waypoint DTA  and tasks list TSK files for use with GPS_LOG WinCE 

PC version      
WinCE 2.11  (Palm PC)   
WinCE 2.11 HPC   (Handheld PC)  
WindowsCE 3.0   (PocketPC, PPC 2002, PPC2003)   
Windows Mobile  (PPC 2003 SE)
Windows Mobile 5.0  (PocketPC)

OpenAir format file conversion:

Following links retrieve a converter program that takes OpenAir formatted file and produces a map file for use with GPS_LOG WinCE. It is important that you read the readme.txt file in the zip archive.

current version on 14 March 2011

PC version
WinCE 3.0 and above  (PocketPC, PPC 2002, PPC2003, Win. Mobile 5)   

Ozi Explorer format (wpt) waypoint file conversion:

 This link retrieves a small tool to convert waypoints from the Ozi-Explorer .wpt format into the .dta format used by GPS_LOG. It can be used to load the Thermic-Waypoints from the Track2Thermic Project (they are in the Ozi .wpt format) onto a PDA to have them available during a flight on your display. For more information and most current version see WPT2DTA. Courtesy of Sascha Eissler. 

Fix for Eurospace and Airspace generated GPS_LOG WinCE maps:

Following link retrieves FIX-IT program which generates restricted airspace zone information from Eurospace or Airspace created maps with kilometer units. Courtesy of Bart Janssen. Updated 2 Nov. 2004 to version 2.3
This program requires Visual Basic run time module available form Microsoft. If you cannot run it, download vbrun60sp5.exe

GPS log format to IGC format conversion

If you recorded a log using GPS coma delimited format and want to convert it to IGC format you can use an Excel spreadsheet. Example can be retrieved from here.

The following  java programs  are courtesy of Yuliy Gerchikov.
Java programs   zip file contents:

* -- simple Java program to translate airport/navaid data as found at into Cambridge/WinPilot turnpoint format. 

* -- splits SUA file (special use airspace (prohibited, restricted, controlled, MOA, Alert, Warning areas etc.), 48 ConUS states, Tim Newport-Peace format, as found at ) for individual states. 

* -- converts SUA files (Tim Newport-Peace format) into .map files used by GPS_LOG (airspace maps). 

* -- converts DAT files (turnpoints, Cambridge/WinPilot format) into .dta files used by GPS_LOG (turnpoint files). 

* -- converts DAT files (turnpoints, Cambridge/WinPilot format) into .map files used by GPS_LOG (turnpoint maps).

Maps and Waypoints: