Soaring Pilot Software shareware programs.

Programs on this page are shareware. They are fully functional with no nag screens nor limitation. They were distributed on honor system. You could use them freely for a week to see if you wanted to keep them. Following that you should have either deleted the program from your computer, or follow the instructions in the payForIt.txt file. Sending in your payment would entitle you to e-mail "technical support" ( and make you feel honorable :) ).

It appears that shareware concept does not work. These files are no longer downloadable. If you are interested in receiving them contact me

Calculator accessory:

You might say this is yet another calculator. However, if you are like me, a standard algebraic calculator is completely unusable. This program emulates a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator with all the power that notation provides. If you do not know what RPN means, do not download the program. There is no help available.

This program was developed with Visual Basic and runs on all Windows machines Win95 and higher.


Set file time and date utility:

Use this utility to set date and time of any file on your system. It supports multiple file drag and drop and handles whole directories at a time. After installation it should only take about 50kBytes of additional space on your disk.

This program runs on all Windows machines Win95 and higher (If your system had not been updated for a couple of years, you may have to update the Microsoft common control DLL - comes with Internet Explorer and other widely available software).